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Country Estate, Yoxford

Country Estate, Yoxford

This collosal estate, set in 120 acres of park land, dates backs to the 16th century, it's Grade 2 listed, with the majority of the roofs being slate.

R&J Hogg Ltd contracted Border Roofing to carry out all the re-roofing works, using new Spanish slates on the roofs and lead on the ridge, hips, valleys, box gutters, flat roofs and detailing. The clock on the 'Clock House' was restored by the main contractors and many out buildings, mews, stable blocks and lean-toos were all re-roofed and renovated too.

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Before work was carried out Felt & Battened Slated Elevations Slated Elevations & Veluxs Slated Elevations Slated Elevations Lead Flashings Completed Elevations Completed Elevations Lead Capping Lead Detailing
Completed Elevations Lead Valley & Slating Completed Elevations Completed Elevations & Clock Scaffold around Property Lead Detailing Lead Flat Roof Lead Flat Roof Slate Gable with Lead Flat Roof Works in progress on estate Estate completed