Border Roofing Sudbury, Suffolk

Roofing Supplies: Tiles & Slates

Domiz First Spanish Slate: In Stock - POA

These blue grey high performance roofing slates are mined in the North West of Spain. With a natural rich colour, even in harsh conditions and strong sunlight the slates will not fade.

Size: 250mm x 500mm
Size: 375mm x 500mm

New Tiles: Ordered on Request - POA

We can order in most tiles from the manufacturers: Sandtoft, Marley & Redland, ranging from Concrete Interlocking Tiles, Clay Pan Tiles, Clay Plain Tiles, Concrete Plain Tiles and Fibre Cement Slates

Reclaim Tiles, Slates & Ridge: In Stock - POA

Our reclaim stock fluctuates daily. We always have a large range of different tiles and different size slates in stock, but we don't hold any large quantities of one size or type.

Marley Modern Concrete Ridge: In Stock - POA

This concrete ridge tile measures at 450mm long. We keep the slate grey colour in stock, which sit well with any slate roof or concrete tile of that colour.

Hoggs-back Clay Ridge: In Stock - POA

This high quality, handmade clay ridge tile is 300mm long and matches in with any handmade new or reclaim clay plain tile. With it's authentic appearence they sit well on anything from a heritage mansion to a new build.