Border Roofing Sudbury, Suffolk

Roofing Supplies: Guttering

Plastic Gutter: In Stock - POA

We keep in stock Brett Martin 112mm Roundstyle Gutter and 68mm Roundstyle Downpipe. Roundstyle is a traditional 112mm half-round system suitable for the domestic housing market. The roundstyle system utilises 68mm round downpipe and fittings. We only hold black in stock, but we can order in any colour or style direct from Brett Martin.

Plastic Cast Iron Style Gutter: In Stock - POA

Brett Martin Cascade is a range of gutter and downpipe profiles which provides authentic traditional cast iron style in plastic. We hold a small amount in stock of various fittings, gutter and downpipes. If any large orders were needed, it can be ordered in.

Cast Iron Gutter: Ordered on Request - POA

We do not keep cast iron guttering in stock, but we can order it in on request. Cast Iron is a sustainless material. This means that after serving the needs of a building for its lifetime, it can be fully recycled, not downcycled. Correctly installed cast iron systems can last in excess of 100 years with minimal maintenance requirements.