Border Roofing Sudbury, Suffolk

Roofing Supplies: Accessories

GRP Troughs: In Stock - POA

We keep in stock Valley Troughs, Abutment Tray and Bonding Gutters. A GRP Trough is a cheaper, easier alternative to lead. Easy to install, with a long and maintenance free life.

Sand & Cement: In Stock - POA

We stock soft sand, white cement, normal cement and lime, in 25kg bags.

Patination Oil: In Stock - POA

We stock two different size oils: a 500ml and 1 litre. It is a white spirit based liquid which prevents white carbonate staining on newly fitted lead.

Lead Mate: In Stock - POA

A sealant especially formulated as an alternative to mortaring lead flashings into brick, stone and concrete, providing a fully waterproof joint that will not crack or shrink.

Gutter Sealant: In Stock - POA

Rubberised weatherproof sealant, for repairing leaking gutters cost effectively.

Gun-a-Nail: In Stock - POA

A high strength, gap filling multi-purpose building adhesive, replacing mechanical fixings in a wide variety of applications.

Birdcomb Filler: In Stock - POA

This prevents the ingress of birds between the underside of profile tiles and the underlay on pitched roofs.

Size: 0.33m x 16m

Fibrecement Undercloak: In Stock - POA

This is used to support the verge tile on a gable end.

Size: 0.33m x 16m